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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 @ 16:37 | 0 Comments

Hi all! I know it has been centuries since I've posted here but as you all probably know, Google Friend Connect will cease to exist in the near future. I haven't been tending to my blog (naughty!) for a while now due to other commitments, but I miss my blogging days so I'm determined to MAKE time to post from now on! I've got a few ideas for potential posts so I hope to get back into the groove of things.

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I've always favoured Bloglovin' and have used it for years to read other blogs. It's much more seamless and looks much prettier. They also have an app for both iPhones and androids so you can catch up on your daily readings on the move!

Also, I can't wait until Despicable Me 2 comes out on the 22nd of June! I just love those little minions!

Hope to see you over on Bloglovin'!
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DIY: Pearly Embellished Collar

Saturday, 2 June 2012 @ 13:36 | 10 Comments

Hiii. How is everyone? I have seriously neglected blogging for quite some time now (almost a year!). Not sure why I stopped in the first place, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things. Especially now that I have finished Uni for the summer :). 
I've always wished I was one of those talented people who customises almost every item in their wardrobe, to make it more unique and their own. However, I must say I lack in imagination and certain craft skills so I can never quite be part of this group.
Having all this spare time has led me to shop...a lot. And the sunny weather has just been a bigger motivator. Something that happened to me quite regularly was that I'd spot these tops with beautiful embellished collars. BUT as soon as I looked at the price tag, I had to place it straight back down. Some high street retailers (ahem, Topshop) hike up their prices for these items, whereby I just cannot justify the RRP. This soon provoked my DIY side and caused me to scour Ebay for some inspiration. I'm not saying that this DIY is exactly like the ones you see in the shops, but it sure does save you quite a few pennies by doing it yourself!

I bought my beads from this Ebay Seller. They're cheap and provide a quick delivery.
Such an easy DIY, yet so cute.
All I did was hand sew the beads onto the collar, and there you have it.
 Your own DIY embellished collar!
I did double up the thread as a safety precaution to prevent them from falling off.

I'm also thinking of getting this lace collar to sew onto a vest top of some sort. It's so vintage and adorable!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I'm just hoping the weather will pick up again here in the UK so we can party in the sun!
Love Love x

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Mookie's Retail Therepy 003

Monday, 6 June 2011 @ 18:15 | 29 Comments

Oh goshy. Haven't posted in over 3 weeks! Ah wasn't the weather so nice last week? Had a few lovely sunny days, but of course, here in the UK, you don't get sun without a bit of rain. (abit is an understatement for the downfall of rain i got here where i live!) Although i did go strawberry picking with my boyf on Saturday which was loverrrllyy. Felt a bit out of place with there being just families and elderly people. I did have a few cheeky strawbs whilst picking them, but i don't think anyone would be able to resist! I've persuaded some of my friends that we should all go back there in August as they have more things to harvest, and i especially want to pick some sweetcorn for some reason :P does anyone else love those pick your own farms?
I couldn't help but accumelate a list of a few items i want for the summer. Every time i look through my wardrobe, i feel like i have nothing to wear! The boyf commented that i have so many clothes that i don't wear, he doesn't understand why i'd want more! I explained that there can never be too many clothes in a girl's life! I feel like i need a few summery purchases to get me into the mood and reinspire me. I admit, my daily outfit is now just a plain ole vest and skinny jeans. I never ever use to wear jeans but at the moment, i just feel like i've lost my sense of style. I need to pick it back up! Hopefully with the help of a couple of cheeky purchases, pay day friday!
1. Navy Spot Playsuit £30
I'm in love with all playsuits at the mo. I want to buy a bunch for the summer. They're so cute! Although the fact that it's quite a bit of effort to go to the toilet in them is a little bit of a pesk.
2. Purple stripe bikini top & bottoms £24.99
Of course, you can't go without summer without getting yourself a new bikini.(not in my books anyway) I love the colour of it and the price isn't too bad. Definitely motivates me a bit more to try and get a "bikini body".
3. Coral Ruched Dress £46
Coral is such a lovely colour. I have a wedding to attend next month and don't want something too eye drawing yet still a little formal. I might try and see if they have it in my local Topshop to try it on. Apparently it's a little low cut according to the reviews. (liking that they've introduced a rating system)
4. Floral Tie Belt Shorts £30 
As you know, i'm a sucker for bows. I think this pair are so adorable! I don't think i'd buy it for myself as they'd draw attention to my big ass and thunder thighs, but i couldn't NOT feature them.
5. Butterfly and Flower headband £12.50 
This is so pretty! i fell in love with it when i saw it on the website.
6. Floral Print Bag £29.99 
In the summer, i prefer to carry smaller bags and this is a perfect size.
7. Nautical Stripe Wedges £29.50 
So surprised when i saw this pair in M&S. I just so happen to spot them whilst buying some underwear there. I love how they do half sizes in Marks because i'm always finding it hard to find shoes that fit perfectly because i'm always in between sizes. They're actually quite high but sooo comfy. I'm just waiting till (hopefully) they come back in stock with my size. 

What are your summer must haves?

Okay well i'm off to make myself some dinner and settle down and watch some SATC. Ah i love it! Have a beautiful weeks guys!

Love love x


Random Summery.

Saturday, 14 May 2011 @ 10:13 | 29 Comments

1. Sweet avocado dessert thing. Basically a mix of avocado, condensed milk and a touch of milk. It's so good. Try it!
2. Decided to paint my nails. I'm in love with pastel colours for the summer!
3. Creme Egg easter egg box. They were reduced down to £1.50, so i couldn't resist. Plus i'm a sucker for mugs :P
4. Groupon deal for Naked products. I've only tried their shower gel so far, but i'd like to try their hair products.
5. My order from ELF. They had free delivery on, so thats my excuse!
6. Fast and Furious 5. Mainly went for the boyf. Its alright. Included moments of blockbuster cheesyness.
7. Friend's birthday meal. Went to Frankie's and Benny's. I ordered a sticky prawn salad which was uber tasty! 
8. Again with my fatness, i couldn't resist a tub of Ben and Jerry's! They're £2.09 at Tesco. I opted for the frozen yogart so that i wouldn't feel too bad about devouring it.

Judging by this, I've clearly eaten too much. 
Hope you have a great weekend me laves!



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