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DIY: Pearly Embellished Collar

Saturday, 2 June 2012 @ 13:36 | 10 Comments

Hiii. How is everyone? I have seriously neglected blogging for quite some time now (almost a year!). Not sure why I stopped in the first place, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things. Especially now that I have finished Uni for the summer :). 
I've always wished I was one of those talented people who customises almost every item in their wardrobe, to make it more unique and their own. However, I must say I lack in imagination and certain craft skills so I can never quite be part of this group.
Having all this spare time has led me to shop...a lot. And the sunny weather has just been a bigger motivator. Something that happened to me quite regularly was that I'd spot these tops with beautiful embellished collars. BUT as soon as I looked at the price tag, I had to place it straight back down. Some high street retailers (ahem, Topshop) hike up their prices for these items, whereby I just cannot justify the RRP. This soon provoked my DIY side and caused me to scour Ebay for some inspiration. I'm not saying that this DIY is exactly like the ones you see in the shops, but it sure does save you quite a few pennies by doing it yourself!

I bought my beads from this Ebay Seller. They're cheap and provide a quick delivery.
Such an easy DIY, yet so cute.
All I did was hand sew the beads onto the collar, and there you have it.
 Your own DIY embellished collar!
I did double up the thread as a safety precaution to prevent them from falling off.

I'm also thinking of getting this lace collar to sew onto a vest top of some sort. It's so vintage and adorable!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I'm just hoping the weather will pick up again here in the UK so we can party in the sun!
Love Love x

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