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Monday, 4 April 2011 @ 15:00 | 13 Comments

Afternoon all! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Whether you spoiled your mother or was being spoilt! I didn't really do much as i had to work! It was my first sunday shift at my new work place. It was a little horrible dragging myself in on a Sunday as i'm so used to lazing around that day, but the fact i get time and a half pay motivated me a little. Eveything is good so far there, but i'm still having a little trouble trying to get some security tags off things. I feel bad cos i keep having to ask the other staff for assistance, and once they do it, it like sooo easy for them. Probably cos i'm weak and stupid haha!
I've been soooo bad with my whole "keeping fit and healthy" target. I ate 4 doughnuts after i finished work the other day, and had a diet of hot cross buns, pizza, tortilla chips and malteasers. Although i did try and redeem myself by grabbing a Innocent Thai Curry Pot for dinner. Ahh so good. The small pot surprisingly filled me up quite well. I feel even more guilty when my friends are keeping fit. One of my friends has taken up running and now she runs distances i could never imagine myself to attempt. I need to go to the gym or something! I'm thinking of doing some Zumba classes as i've heard they're pretty good and most of all, fun!
My package from Sleek came in the post the other day. It was really quick actually. I was annoyed because they usually send dispatch emails but i didn't receive mine till a few days after my order. The morning i got the dispatch email, the package was delivered in the afternoon. I think maybe they're a little slow with those emails then! It took me a while before i used them. I have this thing where i like everything in prestine condition so i always find it hard to break into new make-up and such. But it's a different story with new clothes, i wear them the instant i get a chance to. 
I love the packaging. Simple but professional. I hate it when brands jazz it up to much and it starts to look cheap and tacky. When i opened the blushes, i was surprised by how bright they were. The colours are beautiful though, i think you just have to be careful not to pile it on because it's quite pigmented. The tinted lip conditioners also smell so yummy! I didn't even expect a smell but it has this luscious cocoa butter scent. I literally just open it to inhale it through my nose. Sounds wrong!

I popped into The Body Shop the other day. Lured in by their sale and offers. I can never resist! The sales people were so friendly, I love shopping there, along with Lush! I bought the Brazil Nut Moisture Hairmask for £4 and they had little bottles of Olive Glossing Conditioner going for £1 (ended up buying 3) and also a lovely body puff for £1.50. I haven't yet tried the hair mask but the olive conditioner is just lovely. By far one of the best conditioners i've tried. But i've never been able to find a big bottle of it, not sure if they even have it?
I read about hair velcro, which is apparently quite popular in Asia. I bought a pack off Ebay out of curiousity. It's a little flimsy but it does seem to work. Although it was sticking to my hair too well one morning and i had to drag it out. But for 99p, I'm happy. I might customise it when i have the time!

I'm gonna go laze around for the rest of the day and continue reading The Life of Pi. 
Lovey love!

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