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Wednesday, 9 March 2011 @ 18:49 | 10 Comments

Ello ello! how be you all? I'm knackered out today. I ended up staying an extra 3 hours at work because they were short. Meant that i was without food, water or a break for 5 hours! I got home and raided all the cupboards like a monster for anything edible. Ahh just one more day tomorrow and I'm off for a long weekend, yus! My friends are coming down from their unis. So excited cos i've missed them muchly and am in need for a good ole catchup! And I'm so glad that people liked the previous post! I'm waiting for my bananas to ripen so i can bake it again mwahaha. I've been watching sooo much Glee. It's crazy. I always tend to do this! I get too impatient to watch it on telly, so i go and watch it online. I know, tut tut.
I went to my local Lush shop the other day and bought some goodies. I had a 10% off voucher as well so i saved a little some some. I believe you can get these vouchers in the their gift packs. I'm not totally certain on it, I just guessed because i got one in mine! I love the smell of everything! Even the voucher had a scent, so it lushed up the insides of my purse as well. Okay so heres what i purchased...
I can't wait to use these! I've loved every Lush product that I've tried. They have such a variety, with a constant flow of new and seasonal items, it's hard to keep up! I think so far, their bubble bars and body butters are my favs.
When I'm not using them, I like to pop them into one of my drawers/ in my wardrobe to make my clothes smell ever so lovely. I love pulling out my clothes and the scent linger on them for the rest of the day. Make sure they're sealed in the packet properly though! Otherwise you might get some greasy stains and/or powdery crumbs.
Also, I was advised that when you have little bits of a body butter left (which can't be used), you can drop them in the next time you take a bath, making the water ultra moisturising.

Have you tried Lush? What's your favourite? 
Love love! x

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