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DIY: Ribbon Shoe-laces.

Thursday, 24 March 2011 @ 17:59 | 14 Comments

Oh my. I haven't blogged in wayyy too long. Imma sowwy! I'd like to say hello to my new readers!
Reason why i haven't blogged in a while is because i feel i haven't got anything TO blog about. I don't have a very interesting life! lol. I always feel like i need a point/reason to blog, rather than just a random post? Hmm. I'd like to know what you guys think!
I've just been doing a lot of overtime at work for moneys, but i'm a bit unsure because i earn just over the threashold where you start getting taxed, so i feel like I'm kinda working for not much more money? iunno. Money and taxes baffle me. But I did get paid today! But to stop spending money on crap, i transferred most of it to my savings. So the number has dropped back downnnn booo. Realised that i spend a lot of money on food. Not good not good. Making me fat and poor! Along with some crazy nights out with my friends. Although, I've been ill recently so alcohol hasn't been agreeing with me, but all in all, it's always great to catch up with friends!

Anywhoooo, I bought these healed brogues a few weeks back from Peacocks. I don't usually shop in Peacocks, but I do tend to find odd bits which i fall in love with, for example, these lovelies! It ended up only costing me £12 because they had a special where you got £5 off selected shoes, AND 20% off online. I love myself a good bargain :D I also bought myself these in beige. They're so comfy. I can't wait to wear them in the summer.
I thought I'd jazz it up with some ribbon laces, so i went looking online but they were no where to be found. Then i questioned myself...why I didn't make some? My recent laziness has led me to forget the amazing hobby of crafts. A simple technique, yet such pretty results. I love the new look, so i wanted to share it with you guys! It literally takes like 15 minutes.(longer if you're like me and can't decide which way is the best way to lace it through, haha!)
A very easy way to personalise your shoes, and you can have any colour you want!
I hope you guys liked this post. :)
I also have an interview today! Essentially the same job that i already have, but the place is sooo much closer, and the pay is better hoho. It's not till 9pm! Which is crazy, but i hope i get it! So yes yes, wish me luck! I know i'll get really nervous sooner the time!
How has everyones week been? YYAAAAAYY, It's friday tomorrow! I should be going to a pub crawl thingy on saturday which starts at 9am! I can never ever drink that early. Whilst other people will be downing beers, i'll probably stick to my usual morning tea. 
Thank you for all your comments. I always love to read them.
Love Love! x

Ps. OH i forgot to mention that there is this Ah-mazing offer on The Body Shop website where you can get £51 worth of products for around £19. It's only till 4pm tomorrow so grab it up quick, especially if you still haven't spent your Groupon voucher!  

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