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Friday, 25 February 2011 @ 17:46 | 13 Comments

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Woooooo! It's the weekend. YUS. Finally. Although I actually have to babysit most of tomorrow but ah well. I just hope my ickle sister is in a good mood tomorrow and won't give me too much trouble. She's reached the stage where she doesn't STOP talking. Even sings on the toilet seat. Its so cute until you really want a lie in and then get woken up by high pitched singing. Ahhhh.
I've been good and deposited moneysss into my savings. So much for saving up this year. I've only managed to save around £500. But it's definitely better than nothing. There was a girl in front of me in the queue, wearing leggings like they're trousers. This is a serious pet peeve of mine. I could see her knickers through it, and waaayyy to much butt definition. I don't understand! It baffles me how these girls think this looks good? Knicker lines, butt cracks and camel toes out on show is never a good look. I like to think of leggings as thick tights. Worn under dresses/skirts which might be a tad short, but still covers up your bum. Jeggings, i might let it slide, but not tight cotton leggings. Sorry, just my personal view! >_<
I also went to see Paul on wednesday. I wasn't expecting much because it didn't seem like my type of movie. But surprisingly, i found it quite enjoyable. I really liked to humour, not like the obvious, in your face jokes and puns you see alot nowadays. It has a lot of secret geeky jokes. My boyfriend was quoting all these bits in the film and i didn't have a clue, but he laughed his head off. But yeah, i recommend it for you girlies to take your boyfriends to.

I don't do this much. I must admit, i used to...alot! I'd buy new things every week. With everything in easy access from my bedroom, I'd spend hours browsing the web for pretty items to adorn my wardrobe. Obviously, I won't be buying every item in this. But a girl can dream eh? and maybe hint to others for future present ideas hehe.
1. Suedette Shorts - Awear £25
I love anything with bows. And this is no exception. I also love the paperbag and scallop hemmed shorts available in high st stores right now. 
2. Blush Stack Heel Loafer - Miss Selfridge £48
This is so adorable. I love the colour and detailing of this. Would look lovely with dresses.
3. Lace Dress - H&M £34.99
I spotted this in store and fell in love. I wish they have petite sizing in H&M because this dress is too long for me, as is the case with a lot of their other more formal dresses.
4. Wedges - H&M £24.99
I have a soft spot for all things nautical. I want this for the summer, but can imagine it might be a little hard to walk in due to the angled front. I actually like this other pair but they haven't stocked it on the site. Boo.
I found all the Dahlia dresses sooo pretty. I want them all! But with the given price tag, I can't afford to spend that amount on a dress right now. Ahhh lush. Check out the dahlia range here.
6. Time for Tea Brooch - Accessorize £9
A representation of my love for tea! I want to buy this to add to my handbag :)
Thank god it's the weekend. I've been doing overtime and it feels like I'm at work constantly. I really want to go see Wicked in the West End. Does anyone know where i could get cheap tickets for the show? 

Ps. Seems that most people agree with me that it's so much more upsetting watching an animal die than an actual human (in movies!). I think probably people die in films all the time. One of my silliest film cries is when Mufasa died in The Lion King. Ah it still brings back bad memories for me.
Whats the most silliest film moments that you've cried about? I'd love to know!

Everyone have a good weekend! 



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