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Monday, 21 February 2011 @ 17:45 | 15 Comments

Day Twenty Four
A photo of something that means a lot to you.

Oh...I haven't done the challenge in a while. Naughty me. But I am determined to finish this! Even though it's taking waayyy longer than the expected 30 days but meh, whose bothered. I've been seeing all these wonderful photos from LFW and it's made me so jealous! All those beautiful people and clothes, I think I'll try and plan to go to the summer LFW.
I also watched Buried yesterday night. I tried to watch it Friday night, but the whole film is so dark that my eyes couldn't cope and made me fall asleep at the ridiculous hour of half 9. I'm a little torn to whether i like it or not. I'm always a bit sceptical when a storyline is alittle basic. There was this one bit which made me giggle where they tried to build up suspense. Like proper DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN...then suddenly he gets one bar of signal. HORRAH! Anyway, still a good hour and a half of watching Ryan Renold's gorgeous face in the dark.
Also watched Hatchi: A Dog's Tale. I haven't slobbered like that in ages! Not since probably The Notebook. Its dogs. They just get to me. They're too cute! Hatchi was based on a true events. I don't want to spoil it for others so i won't get in too much detail! Its a known tale in Japan, and they even have a statue of the dog to symbolise the loyalty between man and his best friend.

Anywho. I was thinking about this, and it made me realise, that apart from Jewellery, I don't have that many objects that i would say that mean a lot to me. Many people have hand me downs and things which represent memories and such, but i guess me (and my family in this case!) like to get rid of clutter any way we can. Although this is a fairly new piece of jewellery, I'd like to say that it means a lot to me. Thats what i love about charm bracelets. I like going through each one and remembering the person that gave me that charm and reflect on their importance in my life. It also feels that I'm wearing a part of them on my wrist. Its also pwetttyyy :P

 I was a little peeved over the weekend because i got a bankstatement through telling me they were going to charge me £35 for going into £3.35 into an unarranged overdraft. They didn't even warn me beforehand! I knew that i went into my overdraft so went into the bank earlier last week to add the money in. But the woman failed to tell me the details, so i'm having to pay way more than what i would have in the first place. I wanted rid, so tried to close the account (after paying the charges of course) but nooo, need to wait till they take MY MONEY (which isn't till 9th March). I want them out of my life as soon as possible. I hate santander. My mum went in the other day to consult them about some money that was taken out of her account that she hasn't done herself. They just told her to call the company and tell them to give her a refund. Aren't they even concerned that her card might have been a case of fraud? pah.

Oh and I got bored with my blog title and background, so i changed it slightly. I also got bored of my URL haha. So now it's Milkandmookie.blogspot.com. I think it's screwed up my bloglovin account a bit though :S

I'm off to scoff cake into my mouth. Love love! x



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