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DIY: Passport Cover

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 @ 17:30 | 11 Comments

Hellohello! Two sleeps until i go to Venice, yayayay. I've been meaning to make myself a passport cover for a while, but keep forgetting! Luckily though, while going through my usual blog reads, I came across Vicky's Blogpost, where she made this really cute hello kitty sleeve for her passport! She used this tutorial from sewbunnybums blog. I love how the instructions are laid out,making it really easy to follow. I'm quite a visual person, so I really don't like reading through step by step guides without photos to help me. I used some leftover fabric i had (recognise the material? Its from my bunting :P) I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I also used some lace to add a little decoration to it. I hope you guys try this out as well! It'll make all the other flyers jealous of your own personalised passport sleeve :D
Heres a few photos of my creation...

Hows everyone's week so far? I went shopping yesterday and found like THE perfect pair of shoes ever. They were also on sale, down to £25! But when i went to the checkout, the girl noticed that the pair of shoes didn't match, with one shoe in a size 3 and the other a size 4! She got a guy to go back down to the stockroom to find the right shoes but he said he could only see a size 8 pair down there. Thhheeenn he tried to order them, but noooo, they don't stock the shoes anymore! Booooo! So they must have sold an odd pair. I'm just wondering whether the girl who bought it  might have not noticed it yet, or she has odd feet. Hmmm. I was saaddd, but now i'm just angry LOL. Shoooeeesssss >___<

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