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Wednesday, 5 January 2011 @ 18:00 | 8 Comments

Day Twenty Two:
A photo of you of when you were a child.

Ooops. Haven't posted in a while. >__<. Mainly because i didn't have anything to blog about. I had a very lazy bank holiday weekend, spending it with the boyf. I went to see Megamind finaaallyy. I loved it so much! But then, i do love most cartoons hehe. Who knew Will Ferrell has a good cartoon voice. I used to not like Will Ferrell's films all that much. But he seems to have grown on me. I think he knows what he's best at now, and has improved on the qualities that made him, him. But he's still one of those actors which is kinda the same in every movie, but i prefer him to the likes of Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler. I loved him in The Other Guys. I'm deff gonna get it on DVD!
This weeks is a little hectic. All of my friends are off back to uni soon, so we're trying to cram as many meet ups as possible. I also have this work do this weekend. I've been working there for more than 2 years and haven't been out on a work do, eeevvver. I always back out the last minute because i'm lazy haha. But it's a dinner at this posh place, and because it's being susidised by the company, we only have to pay a fiver. So why not. I probably would never get another chance to dine in such a place.
This 30 day challenge is taking waayy longer than 30 days haha! I think i've been doing good so far. Haven't dropped it yet! I've been putting this post off because i couldn't be bothered to find  and scan in photos of me as a child. But looking through them made me laff. I didn't include baby ones, because i need to keep some dignity! Seriously, i was so freakin fat it's unbelievable. I look like i ate other babies for breakfast, NOM. 
Me stealing some Tulips, Mwahahahaha.
Me and my baby boyfriend. I dumped him when i found better looking babies lol. (looking through the photos, and in nearly all of them, he's grabbing hold of me. Clliiinngggyy)
My mum obviously didn't know where the border of TOO MANY FLOWERS was. My trousers, my coat, my hair! I even freakin match the swing. Not good.
I miss that bear :(. Kinda looks like i'm wearing a massive bow tie. I'm not. Thats my dress O_O

Awww. I love looking at other people's baby photos. The first time i looked through my boyf photos, there was this one photo that would forever make me laugh. It was him posing, just after having a bath, totally butt naked, with his hands behind his head, with a proud look on his face. LOL. 
I just got a conditional offer from a uni i applied to. I'm on a gap year, so obviously this confused me. I was like, crap, do they want me to do a short course or something? no no. The condition is to visit the bloody uni. ¬_¬

Ps. hope everyone has a good week! 



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