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DIY: Origami Stars

Friday, 17 December 2010 @ 18:32 | 7 Comments

It's snowing! Nooooo. The main reason for my objection is because this weekend is supposed to be when me and my friends are having a christmas dinner, after not seeing most people since august! Bah, i hope it's only a little and doesn't cause any disruption. Snow is pretty and fun for like the first day, but after that, i get real tired of how everything is at a standstill! (and also slipping on my arse).
To the point, this is a simple idea for what you could do to spruce up some christmas presents.
I used leftover wrapping paper(all those scraps you can't really use anymore) and made some Origami Stars. Origami stars was one of the first things i made using origami techniques when i was younger. It's dead easy once you get the hang of it (sometimes its hard to push the sides in to make it 3 dimentional, usually due to the fact that the strip of paper you started off with wasn't long enough, as it needs to be slightly thick to hold it's shape :])

For people who don't know how to make an origami star:
Click Here for a step by step guide i found, which includes diagrams too! ^-^

And if you prefer a video, i found this one on Youtube.
(It's in Japanese, but is subtitled. I like the fact that he uses a large strip so you can see everything more clearly)

Some origami star 'tags' to add a little personal touch to presents :D
It's a really simple, but because i didn't make my own tags or wrapping paper, i wanted to add a bit of my own touch to my presents.

To make origami star tags, you need:
Scrap bits/unused wrapping paper (shiny ones are the best)
Needle and Thread (i used gold)
Beads (optional)

1. Measure out your strips onto the wrapping paper. For the small ones, i made them 1cm x 25cm(ish). For the larger ones, they were 2cm x 45cm(ish). But of course, you can make yours any size you like! Just remember that if you make it wider, you also need to make it longer.
2. Cut out your strips and start making the stars!
3. Thread your stars together! Mix and match sizes and patterns to give it a more unique feel. I also doubled over the thread to make it stronger. Once your done, just tie a knot at the top to stop them from sliding off. (you can also thread some beads inbetween if you want)
4. Admire your work. :P

 I also hung some on my mini christmas tree!

I painted my nails last night. I've been playing with glitter nail varnish for the last month. I love the look, but i feel that you will usually only get away with this much glitter around christmas and new year. So i'm making the most of it! (ahh, dry hands >__<)

Ps. Michelle posted a tutorial up on how to make your own gift tags. They look so sweet, if you haven't already, go check it out here.

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