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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 @ 18:00 | 7 Comments

Hello ^-^, I can't believe it's so close to christmas! It feels like it's going to be over too quick! Boohoo. 
I've been experimenting with crocheting recently. I find it so thereputic! I can't believe i haven't tried learning it before now! I must admit that i'm better with knitting at this stage. I find crochet a little more fiddly, and i'm pretty sure i don't hold everything right! But practice makes perfect(ish)! I've been learning from videos on youtube. My favourite so far are videos by Theresa. Check out her channel HERE, she has so many, including how to crochet cupcakes, biscuits and hearts!

I want to crochet little bits and bobs to decorate clothing and such. A few days back, I crocheted this bow and sewed it on my knitted hat :)

I made this using the following pattern:

ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet

4.00mm Crochet Hook
DK Yarn (in whatever colour you like)

Ch20, hdc in third ch from hook, and in each ch across, turn.
Row 1: ch2, hdc in next st and in each across, turn.
Rows 2-7: repeat row1.
Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Bow centre:
Ch8, hdc in third ch from hook, and in each ch across.

Sew bow center around bow, gathering the middle of the bow and joining edges of bow centre.
(taken from Creativeyarn)

My boyfriend gave me these as an early christmas present. They're so cute but sooo biiggg. I love them but i don't think i'm brave enough to wear these out! I think you'd have to be pretty confident to pull these off! I felt like it was a bit of a waste, but then i thought i could wear them around my neck like an accessory :P. From afar, they look a bit like strawberry headphones!

If you want to get you hands on these i think they were from Strawberry Bunny. 
But i only know that they have a store in Bluewater atm. However, you can order from their site.

Ps. Ooh, me and my family are going to go to this new thai restaurant thats just opened a few months back. I love thai food! I think my favourites are Pad Thai, Mango Salad and of course green curry! Yuumm. Hopefully the food is nice. When i called up to reserve a table, the background noise was really loud! I hope it's a good sign meaning lots of people enjoy eating there! Do you like thai food? What's your favourite dish?

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