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Tuesday, 7 December 2010 @ 18:00 | 3 Comments

Day Sixteen: 

Whats in your bag?

Finally! Have gotten back on track with the 30 day blog challenge. I've been putting it off.I'm not sure why.:S
I change my bags often. I have to admit i have too many bags. So i justify this addiction by swapping them over. Also, it depends where i'm going. I usually carry smaller bags if i'm just popping down the road or going over to a friends as i don't need much. This bag is my usual bag that i take to work.

Bag: Next
1. My glasses!  
Case from Paperchase. I need new glasses though. Bored of my frames and my prescription has changed. My sight has gotten worse. Boooo :(
2. My bag in a bag  
which holds my little fiddlies!
3. Minnie Mouse Umbrella! 
Because british weather is so crap! I bought this on sale for like £7 i think? It was £20, so it was a bargain. It's lasted longer than other small, compact umbrellas which usually get blown inside out and dies! So i recommend Totes umbrellas!
4. My very very old purse. 
Its so discoloured O_O. I asked for a new one for xmas so hopefully i get one!
5. Maoam! 
M-A-O-A-M. That advert still sticks in my head! I have a serious sweet tooth so my bag usually has some sort of sweet in it!
6. Primark Headband. 
This was so cheap! Its so cosy too and keeps your ears so warm. I'm liking the headbands that are around right now. I think they're a great alternative to hats especially when you've tied your hair up!
7. My Blackberry curve and case. 
I love my blackberry! I also bought the case off amazon for like £3. So cheap. It was plain black, so i customised it with so fimo sticks cut offs and stuck them on with super glue. 
8. My keys. 
of course.
9. A book i've just finished reading. 
I tried to return it yesterday to the library but it was bloody closed. pah. The book was alright. I like reading chick lit and 'fun' books.
I also had tissues, but i don't think you'd appreciate seeing that!

1. Christmas Dinner Booking Form.
Me and my friends always organise a dinner out around christmas time. Its nice because it's when we give eachother presents and have a good ole catch up. This year, we chose to go to Harvester as we're all fed up of having italian every year. But this time, there are 21 people coming! And i had the great job of organising it all. ¬_¬
2. Money.
I'm poor because of present buying! So this is all the cash that i have in my purse lol.
3. Personal Id Cards.
16-25 railcard - This has saved me so much money! 
College card - I don't even go to college anymore but i try and use this for student discount (which has worked a few times!) and it doesn't have an end date, Mwaahaha. 
Driving License - I passed my test more than a year back but i haven't driven since, so i've probably forgot how to drive. But my bf is putting me on his insurance this year so hopefully i can regain my skills again hehe.
4. Membership Cards.
This is the main reason why i need a big purse. LOL.
I'm looking forward to using my boots card points because i've manage to rack up £33 on there now, so hopefully i can have a bit of a splurge soon.
5. Voucher for twinings tea!
Why not eh? I love my tea. I got this when i ordered a free sample on the twinings website. Go get some free tea bags people!
6. Receipts.
I always have so many receipts lying around. I haven't thrown these away because their xmas present purchases. So just in case something goes wrong, i still have the receipt for them :)
1. Locker key.
For work :)
2. Gum.
3. Carmex cherry Lipbalm.
Seriously one of the best around! But what i don't like is the packaging cos i always have to dig my nails into it to get some out. I prefer the tube version but they didn't have the cherry version in tube form!
4. Hello kitty compact mirror.
5. Carex Anti-bacterial Hand Gel.
This is a must for me! Theres so many times that i have been saved (LOL) by this bottle.
6. Johnson & Johnson's Hand Cream.
7. Melon bag.
I always carry this around because you never know whether you're going to go shopping for food. I like to do my bit for the environment and try not to use plastic bags as much as poss. Its so small and hardly takes up any room in your bag so i recommend you invest in one. They're really cheap on Ebay. Also, its so cute!
8. Pen.
9. Pain killers. 
I myself don't usually use these. Its usually for others sake really but i carry it just in case. :)

MAAAN. This was a long post. Sorry for boring ye all! But i wanted to show everything if any of youse were curious. I love watching whats in my bag videos. They also show what kind of person they are. I thought it would had been so much easier to film myself, but i'm not quite comfortable with that atm!

Love love! x
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