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Wednesday, 8 December 2010 @ 18:00 | 3 Comments

Day Seventeen:
10 things you want to do before you die.

1. Travel around to as many places as possible.
I think nearly everyone want to do this. I realise that i cannot travel to every country in the world, but i'd like to tick off as many places as possible :) I love experiencing other cultures.
Photo taken of a food stand in the famous Barcelona market i went to this year.

2. Ride in a hot air balloon.
I think this is so romantic. It would be so beautiful to see everything from above. Its not the same as when you're in a plane as you only get to peak out of the tiny aircraft window!

3. Have a family.
So cheesy i know! But i love the idea of having my own family in the distant future. With a loving husband and kids, living in a beautiful home. But thats later in life! I'll just concentrate on my own life for now!

4. Hold my own Christmas Dinner.
God. I know. My list so far is pretty awful haha. I've been watching all these christmas shows *ahem Kirsty & Phil's Perfect Christmas* and it makes me want to try everything! Obviously, coming from an asian background, christmas isn't that big in my family. I'd like to attempt at cooking a christmas dinner feast and decorating the whole house all christmassy! I spent 3 christmasses ago with a friend's family, and they did the whole traditional thing, and loved it. So i want to share that experience with the rest of my family.

5. Go skiing and snowboarding.
A couple of my friends have done this and they've said its one of the best experiences. I'd probably fail big time, but at least i could say i tried! It looks so fun and exhilarating.
6. Go on a massive holiday with all my friends.
Hopefully this will happen next year! Me and my friends plan to rent out a villa in spain, portugal or anywhere hot to be honest! It'll be nice to go where everyone can relax,and where we can absolutely get plastered and not care about getting up for work the next morning! And of course, enjoying that blazing sun. ^-^

7. Ride an elephant and a camel.
 I know that this is kinda two but shhh. Let me get away with it. I think this would be such an amazing experience! So far, i've only ridden a donkey, which was when i was like 6? Lol. Hmm.
8. Attend as many festivals as possible!
I've been to 2 festivals so far, which is such a crap number compared to proper festival goers. So i want to go to at least one festival a year for the rest of my life! Me and a couple of friends are thinking of going to Download this year. I usually can't go because it's always held when exams are, but i have this year all free from that so i want to take advantage :)
I was going to post a photo of me and this guy wearing a massive scooby doo costume from when i went to Reading, but i realised i really don't look very nice! Especially after not washing for a couple of days O__O ewwww. I was on a supply of baby wipes and dry shampoo :P

9. Have a job in something i love.
This is a funny point because i still don't know what i consider to be my dream job! But i really want to find something that i love, and make a living off it. I don't want to be rich from it, but i'd like to be successful.

10. Sell a piece of my own artwork.
This probably would never happen but i can wish! I don't really do art anymore, but just make little crafts for my own use, and of course for friends. But maybe one day, i might be able to perfect my crafts and sell them on a stall at a local craft fair or something :)

  (via) I wanted to post this because its so cute!

ps. i saw one of theeee worse films yesterday. It was a british "horror" film, called "Tormented", bloody hell, It was about a bunch of kids who were being hunted down by a kid they used to bully. The thing was, he was dead, BUT he came back for revenge. In the end, all the kids but one were killed, and the one that survived was framed for these murders and sent to prison. And then it just ended! No explanation of why he came back alive..nothing. Absolute shite. Why do people even get to make these kind of films. Waste of money and time!

pps. Heads up for The Body Shop offer online at their website. Its 30% of ALL orders and Free standard delivery. ;)
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