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Monday, 13 December 2010 @ 17:30 | 4 Comments

Day Nineteen:
Another photo of yourself.

This photo was taken by my lovely bf for a project i had done back in college. I originally asked a friend (who also did art) to help me, but the night before, she txted me that something came up and couldn't do it. Boooo.
But yeah, they came out quite well considerring my bf isn't the best person with a camera lol. I felt bad because i made him wake up early so that we can avoid crowds as i didn't want to have to pose in front of people :S.
It was sooo hot on the day though, i was freakin sweating in this dress. The sun was shining directly above us and i was so tempted to jump in that pond.
This was the first dress i made, from techniques and skills learnt from my pattern cutting class. I wanted to keep the design simple because i didn't want to stress myself out (especially since i wasn't continuing on to do an art degree so i didn't really need an amazing grade). It was surprising how much you have to go through to make a garment though! I made two drafts before this final one to make sure everything fitted properly.

Over the weekend, me and a couple of friends decided to get in touch with our childish side, and made salt dough decorations! We had the whole shebang and went a bit crazy with the glitter. We found it funny that no matter how careful we were with these, they'd always end up looking like kids DID make them. Sorry, i didn't take a photo! I forgot :S. But i think we're planning to have them around the table for our christmas dinner. 
Which reminds me that i have finally sorted out this dinner! 21 people altogether, and i had to get everyones deposits AND orders(even so detailed that i had to write down how cooked they wanted their steaks to be). But yes. That stress is over with.

Now i'm off to wrap a whole load of presents my mum has left me to do. But i don't mind. :P i like wrapping presents.

Did everyone have a good weekend? What did you do?

ps. Also a hello to a couple of new followers ^-^, thank you!




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