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Thursday, 9 December 2010 @ 15:30 | 4 Comments

Day Eighteen:
The meaning behind your blog name.

There really isn't a meaning to my blog name. I was really stuck on what to name my blog at first. I'm the sort of person that changes their mind on usernames all the time. When i was younger, i had so many different email addresses it was crazy. And not any good ones either! They were along the lines or x_cutie...and so on. O__O. So embarrassing. But i think a lot of girls have gone through that phase too!
Anyway, the reason why my blog is called what it is, is because i love Hello Kitty, like most oriental girls! I'm not extreme though, but i still dream to have a room decorated only with Hello Kitty themed items!
Mookie is a kind of nickname me and my friend had for eachother. We don't call eachother by these names though. It's all very odd. We were young and wanted cool sounding nicknames. We made a joint youtube account aggggeeess ago so we didn't want to reveal our real names on there so we went by these alias names. But yeah, a very very long time ago so don't start looking because it's not there haha. (i just searched the name on youtube and it comes up with this male basketball player, LOL)

I got this for a xmas present years ago. Its from Build a bear workshop, or whatever it's called now. I think its so ridiculous that they sell clothes for their soft toys too! She came with the dress, a bow bracelet and a bag. She looks weird naked! Its not right! I feel like she's too exposed >_<. They sell an exotic hello kitty there now. How would her fur turn brown from the sun though? Confuses me. (sorry about the horrible chipped nails!)

This was a useless post O__o. 
I'm gonna go off and cook some edamame beans. NOMNOM.

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