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Thursday, 2 December 2010 @ 15:00 | 1 Comments

I couldn't resist making one of these after seeing them around on other blogs. I love seeing what other people want for christmas and adding more to my christmas wishlist :S, which can't be good.
I had fun putting this together! 

I absolutely love the Cloud 9 Collection at paperchase. Everything is so adorable i couldn't resist! So i just made one which consists of the things i like from it, which is basically everything! How cute is the teapot? ahhh i want it! It would be useful in this weather as i rarely like to venture out of my bedroom. And this teapot holds enough for two cups of tea!

A) Cath Kidston Wallet
I love the pattern on this. And i've been looking for a purse/wallet for a while now and when i spotted this one, it was perfect. I like to have enough space to put all my membership cards and change, and this one seems to have a lot of compartments.
B) Disney's Beauty & the Beast DVD&Bly-Ray
Do i need an explanation? I love this film so much! Its so sweet.
C) iPod Nano 16gb
I don't really need this as i have an iPod touch, but i added it to the list anyway! Its much more compact so it'll be easy to carry. And it comes in different colours!
D) Swarovski Charm Bracelet and Charms
The collection is so sweet. I love charm bracelets as it automatically creates a mission in order to fill it all up! The charms vary from £10 to £60 i believe. 
E) Lilly Flame Candles
Everytime i spot these, i always have to smell them. They smell devine! Its also nice that they're all handmade. I haven't invested in one yet though. Still bringing myself to justify spending that much on one candle. But i wouldn't mind getting it for a present!
F) Diorshow Mascara
My mum got me this for my birthday a while ago, and after trying a large amount of different mascaras, this one is still my top pick. I have long, but very straight lashes. So straight that even when i curl my lashes, they'll end up being straight in a couple of hours. This mascara has been the only mascara that i have tried which actually keeps my lashes curled till the end of the day. It's a tad on the expensive end, so its on the wishlist for now!
G) Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
Still one of the best concealers i've tried. I've just finished my pot. Its one of the best concealers which can actually cover up my dark circles, and i have verrryyyy dark circles. Its very pigmented so the concealer can last for ages!
H) Urban Outfitters O&O Bow Dress
The dress is so niicceee! And i basically love everything that has a bow on it.
I) The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
The cupcakes are the best, so when i found that they had a cookbook, i wanted it! Just having a book of pretty cupcake pictures is good enough for me!
J) Lush Bubble Bars
I love taking baths, especially in this cold weather! And no bath is as good as a lush bath! Last year, they had an offer in store, where if u bought £20 worth of stuff, you get a surprise bag with the value of £20; all in all, £40 worth of lush goodies! After trying their bubble bars, i fell in love. They create so many bubbles and smell gorgeous. I want to try their christmas edition ones for a wintery feel :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post! And maybe tempting you with more lovely christmas present ideas!

Ps. It was supposed to be light snow in my area. I went to see London Boulevard yesterday night and when we got out, the snow was at least 5 inches deep! When i woke up, it was still snowing and everywhere is absolutely covered! Light snow my ass! I might venture out and play in the snow until i become numb.

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