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Bag in a bag.

Sunday, 5 December 2010 @ 20:03 | 3 Comments

Hey all! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I got paid the Thursday and am running low on money already due to christmas presents! Bah! Also, going to Bluewater shopping centre doesn't help at all! But i was so proud and didn't end up buying a single thing for myself, which is very rare!

Me and my friends decided to be cool (LOL) and head to the shopping centre at 3 in the afternoon. Yup. The place is usually so bloody busy and i literally want to scream all the time. It doesn't close until 10pm, so we thought even if we went late, there would be enough time to shop. And what a great decision it was! By the time we got there, the crowds were starting to die down. You can actually shop freely without moving out of someones way every 5 seconds. There were so many bags that i wanted to buy, but i refrained. 
When we finished shopping, we went to get a quick meal at Mcdonalds, before hitting the road again. (tut tut @ myself for giving into a McDonalds) I ordered medium fries with a mayo chicken. We waited a while and i think the worker felt bad, so she offered a Mcchicken sandwich (which is a bigger version of the mayo chicken), which of course! i had to oblige. Then when we opened the bag, she also gave us large chips. Yeaahhh. So ended up paying less for more. Mwahaha. She's evil, trying to get me fat. ¬_¬
I also found that there were loads of chavs outside mcdonalds, without ANY shopping bags. How could they all come to a shopping centre and not buy one thing? Seriously, whats the point.

Gosh, i really can ramble. Back to the main post. I titled it bag in a bag. Reason is because i made these little zippered pouches to hold neccessities and fiddly things that usually fall to the bottom of my bag.

   I also made another smaller one, to keep girly things, if you know what i mean ;)

If you want to try this yourself, theres a tutorial HERE. Its really easy and simple. I don't own a good enough sewing machine to have a zipper foot so i just hand sewed that bit.
Also, if you choose to add details to the pouch, make sure you do all that before you start sewing it together! So basically after you cut out the pieces.

Try using a double sided zip! After i made it, i realised that you could flip it inside out and have a totally new pattern!

Have a browse around the site as well! They have loads of projects which you could try! I love these kinda sites and blogs. If anyone knows any good ones, make sure you share them with me! I'd love to have a look myself :)

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