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Thursday, 11 November 2010 @ 10:47 | 0 Comments


A photo of something you ate today.

Oh god. I've only just started this challenge and i'm already behind. Ah. Fail.
Anyway! The top two photos are some bread "rolls" that a friend and i made the other day. It was the first time i ever attempted this and i don't think i did a bad job. Although you may disaggree according to the shape of the rolls haha. But it tasted goooood. It was made easier because we used a packet which all you do is add some water. I believe it was the Parmesan and Sun Dried Tomato one, which we got from the local Tesco. We thought it would be a quick process but you have to leave it to stand for multiple times! It took up to 2 hours to make.

The third photo is of the Banana cake i baked. Mind you, this all isn't all in one day but i wanted to share both of them with you :). I had some very overripe bananas so i tried to find a simple recipe. It's SO EASY. Even me, whose useless at baking found this easy. You can find the recipe HERE. It was quite sweet for my taste as bananas are already sweet, so i suggest adding less sugar. And maybe adding one less egg. I don't know how that may affect the cake but my bf mentioned that it tasted quite eggy.

The bottom photo is my late afternoon snack consisting of a cuppa tea, two ginger crunch bisquits and a slice of the banana cake i made. I was naughty that day. I love cakes but they are so high in saturated fat so i'm trying to cut down as i'm trying to eat a little more healthier.
So yeah! Thats my foody post. I'm off to watch Cook Yourself Thin. I'll probably regret this because cooking shows always makes me hungry. Which defeats the point in a way. Hmm.

It's nearly the weekend! YUUUHH.



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