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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 @ 19:08 | 0 Comments

Day Twelve:
15 Random Facts about you.

1. I'm 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 Chinese. My Grandfather is chinese. Regrettably, I can't read or write Vietnamese as my parents didn't send me to a Vietnamese language school for some reason. I can speak the language though. But being born in England, my english is much better.
2. I don't actually have many Vietnamese friends! I live in an area populated with a lot of caucasian people, so it's rare to meet another oriental person (whose not a student coming over here to study English).
3. I'm a massive fan of Family Guy and own all 9 seasons on dvd.
4. I'm only 4'11 tall. Even for an asian thats small! It's annoying because my friends like to tease me about it. Also i look so much more younger than my actual age because of it.
5. I have very flexible hands. I can fold my hand forward to touch my wrists. So far, the only people i know that can do this are my dad and myself. (if you can do this let me know!). I can also spread my index and middle finger pretty wide. I can do the widest peace sign LOL. It freaks my bf out.
6. I am terrible with first impressions. Everyone is terrified of me when they first meet me. I have this problem of talking constantly and being very forward. I even bully people slightly O_o. I always do it jokily but i don't realise at the time that they probably believe i'm serious.
7. I have a ickle 2 year old sister. Theres a massive 17 year gap between us! The gap is also the same between me and our mum. My sister is one of the funniest people i know. She makes me laugh everyday. She likes to wake me up singing Ba Ba Black Sheep at the top of her lungs.
8. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and 10 months. Next goal is 4 years! It definitely doesn't feel like we've been together this long. I can't imagine life without him.
9. So far, the countries i have visited includes Vietnam x4, Hong Kong x2, China, Paris x2, Spain, Thailand, Dominican Republic and Greece. I want to travel so much more.
10. I have a serious sweet tooth. I eat so many sweets and actually prefer them to chocolate! I eat loads of fruits as well, which is why i hate going to the dentists because she always tells me to cut down. NO. I don't want tooooooo.
11. I get extremely annoyed with people who are slow. Especially when walking. Fair enough you're window shopping or what not, but it does not give you the excuse of taking up the whole bloody damn pavement. And it especially grinds my gears when they sway from side to side? Wth, walk straight you! There are other people who want to get somewhere.
12. I don't like to have favourites. I hate having to choose ONE thing. For example, I don't have a favourite colour, or a favourite dish, or a favourite tv show. I like too many things. haha.
13. None of my friends or family know about this blog. I can just imagine to torment, teasing and eyebrow raising that will go on! Most of my close friend's don't have the same interests, which is a bit odd haha.
14. I'm organised. But not very tidy. If that makes sense. Organised mess.
15. I'm a little obsessed with food content and its percentages. I always look at the bar that they have on the front packaging of food. Its a really bad habit of mine and if it contains too much of something, i won't buy it. I always have to have a quick look at the calories :S.

Dammnn, That was hard!



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