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Friday, 12 November 2010 @ 10:59 | 0 Comments

Day Three:
Your idea of the perfect first date.

I don't think i have an ideal first date. Obviously, i hope that the guy i'll be going on a date with would be my "Ideal" man :). I'd hate for it to be awkward. Thats when it usually leads me to talk nonsense the whole time. I'd like it to be comfortable, with no awkward silences, filled with good conversation. I would like it to be fun with lots of laughter.
I've been with my boyfriend for a good few years now, but i don't remember our first date. >__<.
The perfect first date would definitely have some food in there somewhere. I love going out to eat, but in a more casual setting. For me, theres nothing worse than going into a fancy restaurant and having the waiter/waitress standing next to your table waiting for you to need them. I feel like they're watching haha. And I'm quite fussy with the amount of people that will be in the restaurant. I don't like it completely empty, but i don't like it when it's too busy.

Me and my bf went out to a cafe nearby yesterday. Its our new favourite place for lunch atm. The staff are friendly, quick service and reasonable prices. Although i was a bit miffed yesterday because my serving looked so much less than the bf's. BOO. It was still good though. :) Here are some photos i took on my blackberry as i'd forgotten about my camera, so sorry about the quality!

 My jacket potato with tuna mayo

His chilli burger and chips -_-

I stole some of his chips anyway so it's all good. =P



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