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Sunday, 21 November 2010 @ 21:56 | 0 Comments

Day Ten:
A photo of your favorite place to eat.

This was a hard question for me because i love so many different places! I was debating in my head and came to the conclusion that my favourite place is probably a place called "The Gallery Bistro". It opened earlier in the year and i've loved it everytime i've eaten there. The staff are so friendly and helpful. But i think most of all, i love the atmosphere of the place.The interiors are modern contemporary, with bright colours which lighten up your mood. In the centre of the bistro, they have a glass roof which really brightens up the place. It even has an upstairs! (although i haven't sat up there yet) At the front, they have a lounge where you can just relax with a cup of coffee. And throughout the whole restaurant, they display artwork by local artists, so theres always something interesting to look at.
The food there is also reasonably priced. Everything on the menu are locally sourced, so you know that you're getting it fresh everytime. They've kept the menu simple too but still enough variety to suit everybody (This is useful for me as i'm always sitting in the restaurant for ages trying to decide what i want to order because i want everything!). I recommend the place if you're ever around Brighton & Hove. You can find The Gallery Bistro website HERE. Their site is so personal, with regular blog updates by the head chef!

These are photos of the last time i visited the bistro. Taken on my blackberry camera again.(I really need to start carrying around my camera again)
 I love their tea! Everytime i see these teapots, i'm tempted to buy one.

 My Bf's chicken club sandwich, (he actually was full from this and he usually has a massive appitite!)

 A side of cheesy chips!

My fish pie. I don't usually order seafood but this was soooo lovely. Underneath the mash was a layer of mozzerella, YUM. The filling was a mix of salmon, prawns and (haddock, i think).

we regretted buying the chips because we were so full from our mains. But we forced ourselves to try and finish it because we didn't want to waste. Does anyone else get that? If theres food in front of me to finish, no matter how full i am, even when i'm so full that my belly has bloated like a pregnant lady's, i will keep on eating it because it's just there, sitting to be eaten. It's probably the reason why i'm getting fat. 

The weekend goes too quick! BOOOOO. 

(LOLOL, I'm so stupid, i've just discovered that i have comments on some of my posts. I thought that i didn't have any. Never occured to me that the comments tabs were a way to check. O__O)



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