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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 @ 19:52 | 1 Comments

Day Seven:
Your Dream Wedding

Weddings are a lovely occasion, but i still can't justify the amount of money that are usually spent on them; unless you're a well off and can afford it comfortably. Some people put themselves in debt just to spend thousands of pounds for one day of their lives. However, i do think its such a sweet gesture, celebrating the rest of your life together with the one you love. 
Of course, i'd like a wedding, what girl wouldn't? 
My perfect wedding would be a small ceremony. When i go to weddings, i'm always questioning the amount of guests that attend. Some with 300 people. I don't even know that many people! I think i'd save myself the embarrassment rather than procrastinating on whom to invite, rubbing in the fact i don't have 300 friends and family members (wish i did!). Reason for it being small is because i'd only really want the people i'm close to to be there; not my accountant, or a family member who i've met once when i was a baby X_X.
I'd ideally like it to be outside during spring/summer. Either on a sandy beach, or a lovely greenery park location. And i've been set on having my honeymoon in either Dubai or Hawaii hehe.
My perfect wedding will also consist of a perfect man obviously! And the perfect dress. I don't want to go into the dress because i'd be here for ages just designing it all in my head XD.

And the perfect wedding cake! I love Hello Kitty! It wouldn't be right if there wasn't something Hello Kitty themed in my wedding.
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