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Monday, 8 November 2010 @ 13:02 | 0 Comments

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Hiya! This is the first of the 30 day blog challenge. I know the challenge is to blog about my day and at the moment, it's only lunchtime, but i'm not going to have time later on but i still want to keep to it!

Woke up at 5.48am today to get to work for 7am. Its not nice after a relaxing weekend. And it's especially not nice in this weather! It was still dark by the time i left my house. *sigh* It's crazy how quick the weather changes. I was walking AGAINST the wind and rain and not one time did it die down. My boss even laughed when i got in and said i looked windswept. It takes about 40 minutes to get to work by walking. I used to get the bus but since i'm not under 16 or a student, bus fare is crazy expensive (£2.00 one way might i say!) And i need to get SOME excercise in my routine. Which reminds me, i'm thinking of investing in some excercise dvds but haven't bought any yet because i can't make up my mind on which one to get as theres so many.
The rain meant that work was pretty empty which is nice since i work in the centre of town and gets quite busy. After my uneventful shift, i popped into C&H Fabrics to buy some more wool for the scarf that i'm knitting for by bf, only to find that they don't stock the colour anymore -_-, so annoying. I'm going to try and find it online but the sites would probably have shipping fees (i'm a sucker for free delivery).
I noticed something today. British people do talk alot about the weather. Nearly every customer that i served was complaining somewhat about the heavy wind and rain. I'm not sure if people in other countries talk about weather as much as we do, but i bet most likely they don't have unpredictable weather like here! Its a bloody pain. You can never really plan what to wear. The weather forecasts are hardly right.
Which leads me to now. Sitting by my laptop. Watching Desperate Housewives in the background. Eating fried rice. NOM. My feet are still freezing, even though i've been indoors for the last hour. I made the mistake of wearing cotton tights which drank up most of the rain that hit my legs and feet. I need to invest in some waterproof boots.
Okay! I'm off to see my bf. Not sure what we're doing yet. Hmmm.



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