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Saturday, 20 November 2010 @ 11:52 | 1 Comments

Day Nine:
A photo of the item you last purchased.

I've been bad and bought quite a lot of things over the week. But i actually need these things i promise! The shoes came last night. I ordered two pairs of shoesies from the Office website. They always have quite a big sale section. One of the pairs is pictured above, Rocket Dog pumps, which i bought for only £15! I own a fair amount of pumps already but i needed a versitile black pair since most of my other pairs are brightly coloured. The other pair were blowfish pumps, but were too small for me! So i gave them to my mum. They were so nice but i ordered the last remaining pair so couldn't exchange even if i wanted to.
The day before, i bought a coat from Asda, where i first saw on LLYMLRS blog. I justified this because i only have one other coat with a hood and sometimes i can't be bothered to use an umbrella. I originally went to asda to find a pudsey tee to wear to work the next day. I ended up buying a 11-12 year old size tee LOL. It was either that or XXL. Plus, being the typical petite asian, i was able to squeeze myself in it. I got a few compliments from my colleagues too! (if only they knew my embarrassing secret).
Oh which leads to the news that my work managed to raise over £1500 yesterday for Children in Need. And that was by 5pm. I don't know how much more they made because i left before they had finished. It was fun as i got to wear my pudsey ears, shaking buckets at people so they'd give us some money haha. I'm pretty sure that it all scared off people to come into the store because for the whole day, the tills were so quiet. 



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