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Saturday, 13 November 2010 @ 09:52 | 0 Comments

Day Four:
Your favourite photo of your best friend.

I couldn't choose ONE favourite photo, so i chose FOUR ( for day four ;) ). Anyway, i don't have only one best friend but a few really close friends. I don't like the idea of picking whom out of your friends you like best.
First photo: This is probably the most recent one. Taken during the end of summer. We girls decided to meet up for drinks before everyone went off to uni. Sad times. It was nice having us all together. Throughout the whole summer, there were hardly any suitable times to all meet up due to work schedules and etc. It was so much easier in the school days, with no care in the world but your GCSEs and of course, no actual work with a monthly income from the bank of parents.
Second photo: The photo is from my 18th birthday a year back. My hair is so long here! I miss it. Damn you hairdresser! Theres a point where you have to STOP chopping, foo. It was taken by one of those "club photographers" which i stole it from hehe. As you can see, i'm the shortest :( but i'm thankful that most of my friends are around the same height, so i don't feel too small :D
Third photo: Sorry about the quality of this one. This was from 2 years back i believe, taken on a macbook webcam. I don't know why we're playing with masking tape. LOL. One of my oldest friends, this is usual activity for us. O__O
Fourth photo: 2-3 years back in Paris. In Musee D'orsay (not sure of the spelling?) i thiiinnnkk. It reminds me of our trip together :) Although the food we had was awful.

It's Saturday! Woo. Planning to go bowling in the evening. I want to beat everyone's butts, which is NOT gonna happen. I'm just gonna try and not finish last >_<



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