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Sunday, 14 November 2010 @ 18:53 | 2 Comments

Day Five:
A photo of yourself two years ago.

I don't think i've changed much since two years ago. Usually you see photos and everyones like "OMG is that you?" Although, when i just left secondary school, i decided to dye my hair green...yeah. I regret it haha. Especially after going on holiday where the chlorine in the pool made the green an even more horrible shade and i looked like a walking bogey. Sexy. Ever since then, i've been dyeing my hair more natural colours. I dye my hair more often than i change my hairstyle, which has left it in a little bit of a state. I miss my virgin black hair back in the day :(
2 years ago would had been the year i'd be completing my A-Levels. Those years went by so quick. But i met some friends which i'll keep for a long time.

Ps. I lost a bowling, by ONE POINT! pah. I've never been very good a bowling though, and in yesterday's game, i didn't hit any pins in my second go on each turn haha.
Hope everyone's had a good weekend!



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