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Thursday, 18 November 2010 @ 17:01 | 2 Comments

Day Eight:
A song to match your mood.

I couldn't really find a song that "reflected" my mood. But i've been listening to this song over and over again. Its my new fav for the time being. Its one of those songs you overplay so often that you'll get sick of it and all you can do is blame yourself. Ahhh. I love Gaga.

I'm supposed to go out tonight for drinks tonight with work peoples, but the weather affects me so much! The sound of heavy rain makes me drown into my bed and snuggle in my duvet. I'm still debating whether to go. I have work at 10-6 tomorrow, and its all pudsey themed as it's Children in Need. I bought some ears and a tshirt to wear at work, hopefully others will wear theirs or i'll look like a fool LOL. 

I just finished watching Julie & Julia. It's such a sweet film! And the food looks so yum! Its based on a book by Julie Powell also titled "Julie & Julia". What i find great is the fact she recieved a book deal because of her blog; where she gave herself the challenge of completing a whole book of recipes by Julia Child in a year, and record her progress. I found her original blog, where you can find HERE. I think is so amazing that its actually there right in front of me. Something which i saw being referenced in a film. She has another blog HERE. After seeing the film, i think i'm going to venture out and read the book. Its such a feel good movie and Meryl Streep (who played Julia Child) made me giggle throughout with her character.
I also watched "Let the right one in", which is the film that "Let Me In" was based on. It's swedish. It's weird...not because it's swedish btw. But i like it.

Now, still contemplating on whether to go out tonight. It's stopped raining now...hmmmm



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