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Random Summery.

Saturday, 14 May 2011 @ 10:13 | 29 Comments

1. Sweet avocado dessert thing. Basically a mix of avocado, condensed milk and a touch of milk. It's so good. Try it!
2. Decided to paint my nails. I'm in love with pastel colours for the summer!
3. Creme Egg easter egg box. They were reduced down to £1.50, so i couldn't resist. Plus i'm a sucker for mugs :P
4. Groupon deal for Naked products. I've only tried their shower gel so far, but i'd like to try their hair products.
5. My order from ELF. They had free delivery on, so thats my excuse!
6. Fast and Furious 5. Mainly went for the boyf. Its alright. Included moments of blockbuster cheesyness.
7. Friend's birthday meal. Went to Frankie's and Benny's. I ordered a sticky prawn salad which was uber tasty! 
8. Again with my fatness, i couldn't resist a tub of Ben and Jerry's! They're £2.09 at Tesco. I opted for the frozen yogart so that i wouldn't feel too bad about devouring it.

Judging by this, I've clearly eaten too much. 
Hope you have a great weekend me laves!



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