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Mookie's Rambles 002

Thursday, 21 April 2011 @ 18:16 | 10 Comments

>> Hey all! Just a little update and ramble hehe. Sorry about the photo of my makeup less face! Just finished work and found out that i don't have to go back till Monday. Woohoo! So thats a good three day weekend! And we've been blessed with this lovely weather, which would hopefully stay for the bank holiday! I'm glad cos i seem to be overcome of tiredness suddenly. I nearly fell asleep on my lunch break today!
>> I also booked a flight to Hong Kong for the summer. I'm so excited! I've only been there twice, and i want to squeeze in as many holidays as possible before i go to uni in September. I'm going with my friend who has a house there, so i'm so grateful for her hospitality. And also since she speaks cantonese, she'll be a very handy companion :) All the shopping and yummy foooood. *dribbles* Any suggestions on places i should visit whilst I'm there?
>> I dyed my hair yesterday. The last time dates back till september last year. Thats a seriously long time for me! I'm a bit disappointed because it didn't come up as vibrant as i wanted. It's a dye i used before, but this time, it's much darker. Think hair colour sticks more on already dyed hair so thats why it came out better last time. Laaaammmeee. Now i'm left with a red scalp, smelling of dye chemicals. 
>> Made some scones. Ate them all. Now regret it cos i'm bloated like hell.
>> Was also naughty last night. Tesco evilly lured me to buy a tub of Haagen Dazs (£2.07!) which me and my boyf devoured whilst watching Burn After Reading. Twas lurrvvlllyyyy but i still prefer Ben and Jerrys!
>> We've now decided to try and get healthy together so we're gonna go running along with beach tomorrow. I'm quite excited weirdly enough, but i bet reality will really hit me. I'd probably run for 5 mins then suffer from a stitch due to my crappy fitness levels.
>> Me and my friends are going to try and make the most of this weather. Saturday, we're gonna have a BBQ. Pimms, potato salad, juicy burgers...it will be gooooood.

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend! Any special plans? All the girls look so pretty with their summery clothes. Reminds me that i need to go on a shopping spree for some myself! 

Love love y'all!




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