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Macaron Fail.

Friday, 15 April 2011 @ 16:45 | 14 Comments

Ah me gawd. Haven't blogged in a while. Sowwy! I've returned to tell you the news about my macaron fail. I don't know what spurred me to do it. Everyone knows that you gotta have skillz to succeed in making them, I definitely do not possess those particular skillz. Bad times bad times. Its probably down to seeing all those pretty pictures seem to post around tumbler and weheartit.
Out of a massive batch, only 3 came out edible. LOL. It was my first time though! Don't judge me, lol.
Here's what i believed mine might possibly resemble,
Aww. Sho pwetty.

Cracked, collapsed, uneven, and absolutely, NOT round. Oh the shame.
 I don't think i'll be attempting these again anytime soon. I'll leave it all to the experts.

In other news, I drove by myself for the first time today! Yay me. Even though i passed my driving test a year and a half ago haha! I recently got insured on my boyf car, so i stole it this morning and drove myself home. I still however, live up to the stereotype of 'women drivers'. I faiillleeddd so bad at parking today. Took me a while, but in the end the result wasn't too bad, at least the car was in the space and straight. Its good for me as i usually need my boyf to direct me. I have no sense of spacial awareness heh.
I've also signed myself up for raceforlife. So if you guys have the time and a few pounds to spare, i would be so so grateful if you sponsored my walk/run. Every penny counts towards going to Cancer Research UK. I'll put a widget in my sidebar :). Theres loads around the country, so if you would like to raise money yourself, just check out their website www.raceforlife.org.
Also realised i had too much crap in my wardrobe and so many clothes that i don't wear. So i've put some items on ebay. If you wanna check it out, heres the link. Everything starts from 99p. I just need to get rid of them and make room!

Happy Friday guys! Have a lovely weekend too and hopefully the weather will pick up again soon!
Love love x

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