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Liz Lisa Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011 @ 17:00 | 11 Comments

Heyhey! When i came across this collection, I just had to share it with you guys! It's right up my street and I instantly wanted every piece of clothing. I fell in love with all the gorgeous girlie ruffles, florals and ribbon. But most of all, the bows! I'm a dedicated lover of anything that has a bow. The pastel colour scheme creates an almost dream-like effect and the soft shapes and cuts are oh so feminine. They also had a small section of nightwear, modelled along with huge fluffy soft toys =D. You can check out their website here (and oogle the cute clothes!)
The collection was designed by Ayako Kon and Hiromi Sato, and has definitely put me into a Spring mood. Here are my favourite picks,

On the personal front, I ended up getting the job! I handed in my notice at work which was a little sad because I've been working there for almost 3 years. The store is fairly small so it feels like I'm leaving behind my family. I'm surprisingly going to miss the place. But I think a new job will definitely give me a new surrounding, as my life was starting to get a little routine-esque. My first shift is today, so hopefully nothing will go wrong!
I also finally confirmed my place at uni. I got all my offers back in January, but i was so undecided that i left it till now to pick a place. Now hopefully I can get all that uni shiz out of the way before the summer. I'm going to set up a student account, send off for student finance and apply for accomedation as soon as poss. My worse nightmare would be if i ended up with no money and no where to stay!
I'm looking forward to my Sleek order. They sent me this personal voucher to use which gets me 50% off their website. Probably because i tried to order with them back in November but the order kept messing up and I didn't get my products in the end. So it's definitely nice of them to rectify their mistake. Good timing as well as they've released a few new products that I wanted to try. How's everyone's experience with Sleek? Any favourite products? 

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