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Venice - Part Two

Wednesday, 2 February 2011 @ 17:45 | 10 Comments

Here are ze rest of the photos from my short trip to Venice! (i say rest, but i really took 300 altogether :S). The hotel i stayed at was Hotel Antiche Figure, for anyone wondering :). It's sad to think that it won't be there in the years to come, so i'm glad i went there before it sinks. I'd probably be dead before that happens but at least my kids will have these photos of the beautiful city that once existed! I've also been doing the Davina Superbody Workout Dvd, and my god does it make you sweat! I'm too poor to go to the gym, so invested in some workout dvds. So far I'm liking it. It feels like it's working because i woke up achy lol. You know it works when you're in pain heh. Went to Primark for a browse today, because i felt like i needed new clothes, but not splash out because that'll be naughty! I spent more than an hour in there! I managed to get a few cute items, but i find that their sizes and make a little weird? Like it doesn't sit right on me, like the empire line is like waaayyyy lower than it should be. Anyway...

Ps. Sorry about the grainyness of the images! I still haven't worked it out yet! Bladdy photoshop. Everytime i change the image size, it changes the pixels as well, so it reduces the quality :( I'll figure it out *shakes fists at photoshop* I'm such a noob.
Pps. Thank you for all your comments. I love coming home to read the comments you guys have left. Love love. x



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