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Monday, 14 February 2011 @ 18:07 | 18 Comments

Happy Valentines everybody! Theres such mixed feelings about this day, but i think i'm on the middle ground. My facebook is filled with loved up people, and sceptical singles. Either way, I hope you all have/had a good time ;]. One man came into my work today with a massive Disney store box, millions of chocolates, and of course roses. He told me that it was a new woman he's just started dating. If i was her, i'd be a little overwhelmed, but i still thought it was so sweet of him for trying so hard to make today a lovely day for her :). I do disagree however, that you should dedicate a day to "loving" someone, you should make them feel special everyday. I read in a mag the other day where Aston Kutcher suggested replacing V day with Hate day lol. He quoted "I think you should celebrate love 364 days out of the year. Then, on Valentine's Day, you should get to tell whoever you hate that you cannot stand them. There would be one day of hating, and 364 days of love."
Me and my boy don't really have any plans (unless he's surprised me? HAHA nooo, he's not much of a romantic) but i do intend to tune into World's Worst Place To Be Gay, On BBC3 at 9PM tonight. Scott Mills travels to Uganda and explore the homophobia in the country. Politians there want to strengthen the laws on homosexuality, going as far as a death penalty. I don't agree with this at all. I believe people have the right to be, and whoever thinks that people choose to be gay are just crazy. Why is it only okay to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex? I live in a place where it is generally the norm to see a gay couple, and we even have many designated gay clubs and bars, where even 'normal' heterosexual people choose to go. I think i'm lucky to live in a city where it's quite open minded. I think if i moved someplace where homosexuality was considered a 'sin' as such, I'd be pretty knocked back and wouldn't want to live there really.

ANYWHO, went on a bit there, I wanted to do a little some some, so i thought of giving some chocolate dipped strawberries to the bf. I couldn't be bothered to cook something or whatever, and i thought this would be the easiest thing, and guess what? it is. Can't go wrong with strawberries or chocolate!

Cor, I'm such a fatty with all these naughty foods. I might eat them all before i see him and he will never knowwwww. Unless he sees this. hmm.

I also made him this origami heart to put into the wallet i bought him. I used this tutorial on Youtube.

My V day card from him. Charming! Abit like him though. Backhanded compliments.

Alrighty lovies! I shall leave it there. I think i'm going on a bit now. Like a granny! Maybe i'll turn into an old lady before my time due to my ramblings of such nonsense. blah. Love love! x

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