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Seven Beauty Characteristics.

Monday, 28 February 2011 @ 16:45 | 17 Comments

This is my first tag, so i was pretty chuffed to be tagged by Jessy. Thank you lovey! 
This tag has been going around a few blogs, and i love it because it's spreading positivity! resulting in people focus on the things they LOVE about themselves, rather than concentrating on things that aren't so great. Being a girl living in this sort of society, I understand the pressure to have the "perfect" body and being typically "pretty". I often feel inadequate compared to the girls you see in the magazines. I know that i shouldn't, but it's hard not to think "Ah, i wish i had legs like that to pull that off". Every girl has their insecurities, but this tag is an amazing way for girls to realise that what you possess, makes you unique. I want everyone to embrace what they have.
If you don't already know, this tag requires you to name seven physical characteristics which you love about yourself.

01 - My Body Frame
I used to think i was stereotypically petite because of my height. But i now just think that i'm a very short pear shape. I have a small upper half but most of the weight is held around my bum and thighs. So much that I'm a different size on my lower body! I've adapted to my shape and it makes me grateful that i can wear certain tops that bigger boobied people wouldn't be able to. Plus, i believe it's a tiny bit easier to hide wide hips and thighs than big boobs and a big belly.
02 - My Hair
My hair used to be in terrible condition. I dyed it way too much and washed and blowdried my hair everyday, losing all the natural moisture. But since then, I've stopped dying it (since sep 2010! oh yeah) and try to wash my hair less often (thank you dry shampoo!). Now its smoother and shiny, with no split ends. My hair also grows quite fast so thats an added bonus!
03 - My Teeth
They're naturally white and straight. I did have braces, but they were for my jaw alignment rather than to straighten my teeth out.
04 - My Eyelashes
Such an odd thing i know! My lashes are fairly long and dark. My mum once practiced glueing individual eyelash extentions to me, but my natural lashes were long enough that the extentions blended in rather than adding any length. I've even tinted them and they didn't make an impact. They are typically asian being dead straight though, but thank god for eyelash curlers eh?
05 - My Hands
I have really small hands and get people telling me it's cute so it gives me a little ego boost hehe. I'm glad i don't have stubby fingers, otherwise you probably couldn't tell the difference between my hands to a 7 year old's. My nail bed is longish as well, so i can paint them prettyfully.
06 - My Waist
This kinda is like my first one, but meh :P. Being pear shaped, I have a small waist. It's also defined so it makes me feel more womanly and feminine. Because most of the time i feel like a butch man! haha i joke i joke.
07 - My Height
I used to absolutely despise being at the height that i am. Being short, you always tend to look younger, and as a young teenager, you aspire to look older and more sophisticated. I dreamed that one day, I'd experience a sudden growth spurt and outgrow my friends. But course that didn't happen! It was also (and sometimes still is) a pain looking UP at everyone. It's very rare to find anyone shorter than me whom isn't a child. But over time, I've decided to embrace my height (4 foot 11 to be exact!). I believe it makes me, me. And couldn't imagine being any taller. 

I want to spread the positivity around! So here's the people I tag:
(i cheated a bit, i chose 10 instead of 7 =P) 

And of course if anyone else wants to join in with this tag, go for it! But make sure you link me back because I'd love to read it :)  

Love love x 

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