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Venice - Part One

Monday, 31 January 2011 @ 19:32 | 10 Comments

Hey all! I got back from my short trip saturday night (after a very long train journey which seemed to stop everywhere, and sitting in a carriage with drunk football fans). Spent most of yesterday just lazing around and having a massive lie in. We had to wake up early in Venice so that we could cram in as much as possible within our short time limit. Turned out that we managed to do quite a bit during those 2 & a half days. Everything is relatively close to eachother,with every corner you turn, you're bound to be close to a museum, sight or monument. I must say though, that the city is fairly expensive to visit. A 12 hour waterbus ticket set me back 16.50 euros! And a slice of pizza, chips and a drink was 8.50 euros. O__O. I was a bit annoyed that they charged for entries to museums etc, whereas in London, most are free? I wasn't very impressed with the Accademia, but thats probably due to my taste. But i really enjoyed the Peggy Guggenheim Gallery (thank you Jenny for recommending it to me!), and down the little streets nearby, they had some really interesting exhibitions/galleries. I decided to split the photos into two posts, otherwise it's a little picture heavy and you'd probably hate me for bombarding your computer screens with Venice pictures. By the way! Its such a beautiful city, these photos do absolutely no justice to the real thing! I really wish i had a dslr for these moments! (not that i know how to use one properly anyway)

ps. Does anyone know how to resize photos to a certain size, but it not affect the quality of the photo? I seems that when i make it smaller, the images are more pixelated and the quality isn't as good :(




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