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Mookie's Ramble 001

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 @ 18:01 | 9 Comments

>> Hey, This is the first of my first posts where I'm just going to ramble. I missed blogging but I don't have anything to blog about! So maybe thought I'd bore you with whats going on in my life at the moment?.I don't know, is it better to have these kinda posts or not blog at all? I'm not sure, but personally i like reading these because it adds a more personal touch and you get to know the blogger a little :)
>> I'm going to Venice, Italy! I'll be going with my boy as it's our 4 year anniversary. I've wanted to visit Venice in like forever! However i've heard it smells because of the canals? I don't care. I'm too excited! The photos i've seen are all so beautiful. Definately looks like my kinda place. All the traditional Venitian decor reminds me of royalty, and i have a little obsession with old kings and queens :P. Most people associate the city with it's gondolas, but i don't think i'll be able to get a chance. They're incredibly expensive, i won't be able to afford it. Boooo. Hopefully I'll be able to come home with a load of beautiful photographs. And probably a few pounds heavier from indulging in real italian food. 
>> Apart from Venice, me and my girlies are also looking for summer holidays. All this holiday looking is making me impatient! We've found a few but theres so much choice it's hard to decide! Does anyone know any good sites to look for holidays? I'm sooo over this horrible wintery weather and just want it to be warm again! I've been wearing the same clothes over and over because i hardly own anything for the winter months. I'm a tights, shorts, dress, skirt etc girl. I just feel fat in jeans lol.
>> I've currently got two unconditionals and one conditional offer for my university application. I'm still a bit giggly about the fact the conditions for that one offer is to go see the university, then they will offer me an unconditional place. Weird. Maybe they judge me on my looks? Need to see me up close haha. If so, I probably won't since i look about 12 in person. Damn being short!
>> I'm getting ready to go see 127 hours tonight. yaaayy.I t's probably gonna be extra busy cos it's orange wednesday. But the price for cinema tickets are freakin crazy! Last time i went, it was around £8! And students were like £6.50 I remember the days it was a fiver. Wasn't even that long ago ¬_¬. I also want to go see Black Swan when it comes out this friday. It's received great reviews. The trailer makes it look quite frightening. If anyone has seen it yet, let me know your thoughts on the film! I'd love to know your opinions.
>> I am LOVING this song. It's a bit depressing yes. But it's so moving. And I like his voice. AWWW. I tried to embed it but it's not working for some reason!

Hows everyones week going? Did you know Monday was apparently officially the most depressing day of the year. Apparently, people pull sickies most on that day. Don't know if its true because someone at work told me. But it made sense, because it poured down with rain that day, rain is evil and seems to bring everyone down. You see all those romantic scenes in movies where they kiss in the rain, but why the hell would they be out in the rain? screw that. Kiss inside and save yourself from a cold!
Damn, i ramble too much.

Love love! x



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