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Snaps from Vietnam Land

Friday, 22 October 2010 @ 16:05 | 0 Comments

Here are a few snaps from my little trip to Vietnam.
The last time i was there was when i was 11(?) i believe.
It doesn't seem to have changed much to be honest but it appears that more people in the world are learning of the country and adding it onto their list of Gap year travel destinations.
I was quite busy seeing family so i don't have too many snaps that aren't of just people.
My little sister also celebrated her 2nd birthday there. She had so much attention, so cute!
The atmosphere is a little crazy over there; which did become annoying at times!
People wake up so early over there! It's almost impossible to have a lie in as you would most definitely hear traffic noises through your window. :/

Heres what i learnt on my trip to Vietnam:
        • There's hardly any courtesy over there, if you're in their way, THEY WILL PUSH YOU.
        • You could probably cross the road blindfolded as i learnt that motorbike drivers will do anything to NOT hit you as THEY get FINED. 
        • Relating to the two points above, I saw a man crash into another man's bike and break a piece off. He stopped, looked and then drove off like a maniac before the other guy got a chance to run after him. 
        • Don't wear jewellery. People will rip it off you. 
        • Same with bags. 
        • I never thought i'd say this, but even I got bored of eating rice, and I'M ASIAN. 
        • Vietnamese women go to extreme lengths to NOT TAN and cover up almost everywhere whenever they're out in the sun. 
        • Thunderstorms there are LOOOUUUDD.
        • Just because you have a ticket, doesn't mean you'll get a seat.
        • They have little shower thingys next to toilets so that you can wash yourself after going.
        • Vietnamese people are loud and they probably don't even know the word quiet. 
        • If you have hygiene problems you might not be able to cope over there; i went by a seafood restaurant and saw the waiter get a fish out the tank and bash it to death by throwing it on the floor...repeatedly.
        • I've always hated this problem and i got it when i went to Hong Kong a few years back. When you go shopping, the sales assistants will NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE, they will try and persuade you to buy everything and that everything looks nice on you. You cannot brush them off! They will suggest every item in the shop until you are fed up and walk off without buying anything anyway. I want to look around by myself garsh darn it!
        Thats all i remember so far. I've just read it back and it really doesn't promote Vietnam very well. But then again, if you remember these, you'll have no problem and know what to expect =D. It's a lovely place, and people are generally lovely (just without some basic manners), and variety of food there is amazing. 
        I do miss eating the deserts over there...ho hum.

        Hope everyone has a nice weekend ;)

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